Would you like a house concert?

I'll be back in Europe in November and will be booking a house concert
tour then. Would anyone like to host a show? (Check my website
www.thejackstaffordfoundation.com for info on a house concert.

Last time I toured with the bicycle interail pass but it was too
expensive, took a long time and was quite difficult, so this time I'll
tour by plane. Also, last time the shows were donation-based, but
attendance fluctuated a lot because people said they were coming but
pulled out at the last minute, so this time I'd like to do pre-sale
and hosts to guarantee at least 20 people, as I have to book a flight
in advance. Unfortunately it isn't feasible to nip round Europe with
the bicycle and in November it wouldn't be fun anyway.

I'd like to have stayed longer in Asia. It's a breath of fresh air
Western Europe and the people are so enthusiastic. The weather is
great and the food is even better. It is very cheap to live, but
unfortunately the shows don't pay much, so I need to come back to
Europe to some better paying shows and then go again.

If you're in North America or somewhere else in the world and would
like a house concert that's still a possibility. I would have to have
a few bigger ones to get the flight over. Message me and I can see how
many responses I get, if it's worthwhile.