The Troubadour Chronicles

I have put my songs from the last couple of years on the road into one big album. Yes, one album. 110 songs. It's over 5 hours! So you might want to put it on when you have a quiet night... and then slowly fall asleep.

I'd like to thank all the musicians and producers who helped me make this - particularly Kevin Wesley William, Chris Leggerie, Andreas Langhorn, Patrick Fergus, Jasmine Wynants, Ro Halfhide, Emma Hill, Alec Genton, Rory Blahzl, Maria Rosaria della Pepa and Simon Wallace. And of course the people I met on my travels. People who inspired me, gave me a place to stay, and came to the shows. Without whom I wouldn't have anything to write about or anyone to sing to.

I've made it free to download so that money isn't a barrier to my music reaching you - but please make a donation if you can.

And if you get to the end of it, please let me know your top 12 tracks. I'd like to put out a more easily digestable 'Best of'. Buona fortuna!!!!

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(There are 33 videos too. Click the links to view)

1. Every day's a joy (video)
2. Rise of the renunciate (video)
3. Debt train 
4. IKEA 
5. Dreams of plenty 
6. Daytime TV 
7. Mortgage on mind 
8. Job applications 
9. Cold cold world 
10. Viva la revolucion 
11. A cruel beginning to my decline and inevitable death 
12. Work eat shit sleep 
13. Dear shareholder (video)
14. City life 
15. Soulseller 
16. Every moment matters (video)
17. Killing the kids (Jamie Oliver Blues) 
18. ADD (video)
19. Mother feeder and the homecoming kid (video)
20. The sorrow of Gaia 
21. The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones 
22. The US economy 
23. Another dead man in Afghanistan (video)
24. A day out in Detroit 
25. The ballad of Jolie Holland (video)
26. The cabin song 
27. Super easy classic rock (video)
28. Renee Vancouver 
29. Mel Gibson’s mind
30. Mr Pleasure Man (video)
31. Ode to the lonely stoner 
32. Eindhoven: City of light
33. Song to Woody (video)
34. Vanessa & Sebastian 
35. Gay OK (video)
36. The art of conversation 
37. Five years on (video)
38. Nick Helderman and the immortals
39. Dance for me
40. The waiting game
41. All-knowing girl
42. Girl with the perfect posture 
43. The law of diminishing marginal returns 
44. Why are they like the way they are? 
45. My leaving was a long time coming 
46. I want you to fail (video)
47. A journey (The Blair Crusades) 
48. The end of the farce 
49. Loneliness of the bank CEO 
50. Gordon Brown Blues
51. Anywhere but here
52. After the Olympics has gone 
53. The trial of toni terry
54. Tales at the end 
55. Strange times
56. The obituary of Will Perrin 
57. Nights like these 
58. Sleep 
59. Making my life too hard (video)
60. Bored in Camden (video)
61. Music for a mountain top
62. Peace of mind
63. Letters from a long arm
64. Athens' streets 
65. On the train to Rome 
66. The Italians 
67. I didn't sleep so good (video)
68. The Marie Cubi House Band 
69. Wifi? (video/video)
70. The water's on song (video
71. Cold cure blues 
72. Curse of standards
73. Oath of abstinence
74. TV in my mind 
75. It is dangerous out there (video)
76. Oh Christchurch 
77. Takaka hill 
78. The city' s not the same without you (video)
79. The buskers (video)
80. Save the developers
81. The quoll
82. Maria (video)
83. Good life on the road 
84. East timor song 
85. Peace and love (video)
86. Under the stars (video)
87. Coffee lover (video)
88. Dumpster diving date (video
89. Queensland rail 
90. Troubadour (video)
91. Jailbait 
92. Plastic sea 
93. Dog's life 
94. 34 years old and a birthday at sea (video)
95. Riportarla a casa 
96. You can't say no to love 
97. Sailing 
98. I'm not sea sick, just sick of the sea 
99. Gulf of Carpentaria 
100. The model 
101. The searcher (video)
102. Bad for good 
103. Big fish, little pool
104. Liberate Libya (video)
105. Mohamed Bouazizi 
106. Revolutions 2011 (video
107. Letting go 
108. Let there be light
109. Love is happiness 
110. Son of a gun

I have to say I'm pleased with it! Of course I'd change a lot if I had time... but then I have the feeling I'll never get it out. Maybe I'll do some revised issues in the future. It's rough around the edges and I should re-record some of it, but as it is it has a nice story arc, and you can see how my playing changes over the travels, which would be lost if I re-recorded. And with the songwriting, the transition from sardonic to spiritual. I'm definitely a different person than when I started travelling... more interested in meditation, well-being and other people. I'm taking a break from travelling now because when you're on the road it's very difficult to be productive. I'm working on a new album about Ayurveda, have three film ideas, make some music videos, and want to apply to festivals. As well as trying to get some assistance from music companies to make life easier, so I'm putting some effort into that as well. As always you can follow updates on the blog or go back over the last 3 years if you really truly have nothing else to do!

I toured Europe, North America, New Zealand and South-east asia. There's still lots of places still to go and all to go back to. Here's a map of the chronicles (people who've visited me, not people I've visited) with website hits for last year: